Polydeck Offers a FREE Plant Survey

Your screen maintenance plan is critical for increasing throughput and decreasing your cost per ton. Schedule a FREE Polydeck Plant Survey today and get insights that take work off your to-do list and justify necessary purchases. Every Plant Survey gives you insight into three main areas of your screen:

  • Screen Media and Wear Parts.
  • Static Components.
  • Running Diagnostics (Overall Screen Health).

Discover how Polydeck Plant Surveys make screens more efficient. Polydeck Plant Surveys include inspections of the following items:

  • Feedbox & Feedplates.
  • Support Structures & Frames.
  • Torsion Tubes (if present).
  • Discharge Lips.
  • Wear Liners.
  • Feed & Discharge Points.
  • Spring Mounts.
  • Material Buildup.
  • Spray Bars & Nozzles.
  • Stringer Conditions.
  • General Media Conditions.

Sign up for your FREE Polydeck Plant Survey here.

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