ProStack Debuts Ranger 6-24TR Tracked Radial Conveyor

ProStack launched the latest addition to its stacker range – the Ranger 6-24TR Tracked Radial Conveyor. Designed for stockpiling across multiple applications including the quarrying and mining industries, the Ranger 6-24TR sets a new standard for efficiency, versatility and automation, according to the company.

A key highlight is the Ranger 6-24TR’s semi-automated stockpile program that allows operators to stockpile materials in set patterns to suit their specific needs. This feature comes as standard, with an optional fully automated program available. It also features hydraulic discharge height adjustment, allowing for further flexibility when operating in different applications. These features allow operators to increase efficiency, safety and productivity.

Transportation is made effortless with the Ranger 6-24TR’s hydraulic fold over feature. The conveyor can be easily folded for transportation, which reduces downtime and ensures swift relocation to different job sites. Coupled with the already compact design, this feature allows the Ranger 6-24TR to be transported within a shipping container. 

Alan MacCombe, engineering manager at ProStack, said, “We have really focused on making the Ranger 6-24TR easy to use at every stage of design. Features like the automated stockpile program and hydraulic discharge height adjustment, coupled with the fact that this conveyor can be controlled with a remote control are a result of this focus.”.

The Ranger 6-24TR has a working length of 22 m (72 ft.) and weighs approximately 17,800 kg (20 U.S. tons). It can achieve a maximum through put rate of 600 tph. A maximum discharge height of 10.75 m (35 ft., 3 in.) is reached at 23 degrees inclination.  

Steven Aiken, business line director for ProStack, said, “Our global dealer network has shown great interest in Ranger 6-24TR Tracked Radial Conveyor. After many months of testing and refinement we’re excited to finally get to share it with them – it will make a great addition to our product line.”


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