DEVELON Introduces Its Largest Crawler Excavator

The new DEVELON 100-metric-ton DX1000LC-7 is the largest crawler excavator in the next-generation -7 Series offering. The conventional tail swing excavator is ideal for aggregate and quarry customers. It’s also well-suited for heavy construction and infrastructure work. The powerful machine was on display at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023 in the DEVELON booth.

DEVELON was formerly known as Doosan construction equipment.

“The DX1000LC-7 crawler excavator is geared to serve the growing size class,” said Joel Escalante, senior product specialist at DEVELON. “It can efficiently remove overburden and load large amounts of material into trucks at quarries, especially when set up with our mass excavation configuration. On construction sites, the DX1000LC-7 excavates, stockpiles or loads large amounts of material.”

On the DX1000LC-7 crawler excavator, operators can choose the swing priority mode for bank cutting and when the swing angle is large to increase the swing speed and maximize productivity. The boom up function is prioritized when the swing priority is turned off.

The standard removable counterweight makes it easier to transport the large DX1000LC-7 Series crawler excavator. The counterweight can be hydraulically lowered to the ground or a trailer for transport to the jobsite.

The excavator’s unique crossed design swing bearing supports stress distribution for machine uptime protection. Attention was given to improving machine wear points – boosting the excavator’s reliability and keeping it running longer. 

Ultra-hard and wear-resistant, heavy-duty wear plates bolt on at the end of the excavator arm to maximize machine durability and reliability. By minimizing the tolerance between the bucket and arm, they maintain high breakout forces and ensure greater productivity.

The DX1000LC-7 provides a high level of efficiency for customers. The exclusive D-ECOPOWER system helps to improve productivity and save fuel. The hydraulic system precisely controls oil flow and optimizes the engine’s available horsepower.

Operators can choose between two modes: boom and swing. This allows operators to adjust the machine to best match the job at hand, giving priority to boom or swing movements. 

A 360-degree all-around view monitor (AVM) provides a bird’s-eye view and enhances visibility at large construction jobs and quarry operations. Five unique visual perspectives can be seen from the AVM monitor: top view, rear view, top+right view, rear+corner view and 3D view.

Comfort Features

The DX1000LC-7 cab contains an 8-in. touch screen LCD monitor for high visibility and easy access. Ergonomic adjustments such as the newly designed foot pedals and heated seats make long days more enjoyable for excavator operators.

Operators can configure the shortcut button on the joystick to their liking. They can adjust the wipers, mute the audio or control the camera. The button can also be used to activate the optional intelligent floating boom feature.


The DX1000LC-7 comes standard with telematics. Operators and dealers can remotely monitor the machine’s health, location and productivity from an app or website. Telematics can help owners with the following:

  • Avoid unauthorized use of the machine.
  • See when maintenance is due.
  • Customize alerts to a customer’s schedule.
  • Track oil pressure, operating temperature and more.
  • Use data to train operators for maximum productivity.


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