NSSGA Calls On Congress to Address Permitting

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) called on congressional leaders to address permitting in its pending debt limit deal. 

“The last two years we have witnessed remarkable legislative success with the administration and Congress in advancing the largest infrastructure investment in our nation’s history, a revitalization of our domestic manufacturing base and a reshaping of our energy future,” said Vice President Government & Regulatory Affairs Michele Stanley. “The 450 members of NSSGA are instrumental to delivering these results, as we provide the billions of tons of aggregates that will be used to pave new transportation networks; build new manufacturing hubs; and construct the networks that deliver reliable and renewable energy to every American home. However, burdensome and duplicative permitting hurdles are stopping the thousands of transformative projects from coming to fruition. They also make it harder for our members to access and bring to market the materials needed to build. Every day we wait, it places more strain on our industry, as prices increase and uncertainty compounds.

“Now is the time for lawmakers to come together and enact meaningful permitting reform that unlocks the historic investments already championed by Washington. By enacting common sense proposals that remove unnecessary red tape and do nothing to undermine environmental protections, policymakers will once again deliver on their promises to the American people by delivering hard fought investments that improve every community,” Stanley concluded.

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