ConExpo-Con/Agg: Montabert Breakers for Aggregates Industry

With Montabert’s recent acquisition of Tramac – a manufacturer of rock breaker boom systems and a long-time distributor of Montabert breakers branded under the Tramac name – the company has expanded its quality product offerings for aggregate producers.

Tramac offers nine models of stationary boom assemblies for rock breakers that – depending on the model – provide horizontal reach from 14 to 65 ft. (4.3 to 20 meters), 170 to 360 degrees of swing arc and 1,500 to 13,000 ft.-lb. of hammer impact. Boom weights range from 5,850 to 55,000 lb. (2,650 to 24,950 kg) and accommodate hammer weights from 1,098 to 9,920 lb. (498 to 4,500 kg).

Standard across its entire boom line, rugged cylinders of high-strength steel and welded construction are built from chrome-plated, high-tensile steel rods. Heavy-duty, oversize pins are fitted with replaceable aluminum bronze bushings. Self-aligning spherical bushings on the cylinder rod and barrel end ensure long equipment life. An extremely strong, low-profile base of shaped plate steel attaches easily to any platform foundation. Tramac also offers a number of boom, HPU, hammer, and control options, as well as custom design services.

Montabert’s complete line of rock breakers for stationary and mobile systems include:

Premium Heavy Breakers: Montabert Premium Heavy Breakers are designed for all types of carriers, from 18 to 120 tons, and are ideal for a variety of applications, including quarrying, mining, excavation, and demolition. Features and benefits include:
• Automatic variable-speed technology senses changes in material hardness and adjusts impact energy and striking rate. This increases productivity, based on the application, and reduces blank firing. The technology also reduces unnecessary harmful energy from transferring to the carrier and breaker, helping to prevent wear on parts and components.
• Energy chamber acts as a hydraulic shock absorber and reduces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker – reducing pressure spikes and keeping the charge constant, with no periodic maintenance required.
• Progressive start system prevents slipping by creating a small recess in the material before full power is applied.
• Blank-fire protection system reduces damage on all wear parts by providing a cushion of oil that reduces the energy.
• Automatic lubrication system assures the breaker is constantly lubricated to improve life span on wear parts and components.
• Automatic pressure regulator ensures hydraulic breaker operation pressure, regardless of changes in outdoor temperature, delivering maximum performance across a large range of carriers.
• New for 2023 is a redesigned cradle/housing for the V32 Breaker, built for carriers from 18 to 30 tons.

Heavy-Range 2-Speed Breakers: Montabert’s 2-Speed Line of heavy hydraulic breakers is designed for use on large excavators from 20 to 80 tons in a variety of applications, from demolition to quarrying to excavating. The 2-Speed Line has many of the best features found in the premium line, but with a simpler design.
• Design simplifies maintenance, lowering costs as it also increases productivity.
• Includes patented two-speed automatic regulation, with unique detection system for the first stroke. This system offers high energy per blow on hard ground, or high frequency on softer ground.
• Increases carrier versatility with acceptable back pressure of up to 435 psi.


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