MSHA Issues Safety Alert on Personnel Carriers

MSHA is reporting that since 2018, there have been seven fatalities involving miners operating personnel carriers. These accidents could have been prevented if mine operators:  

  1. Had adequate procedures in place to ensure safe travel of personnel carriers.
  2. Maintained braking systems.
  3. Trained miners on the safe operation of personnel carriers.

MSHA recommends the following best practices to avoid this type of accident:

  • Maintain steering and braking components.
  • Conduct adequate pre-operational inspections of mobile equipment. Correct any defects affecting safety before operating mobile equipment.
  • Tag out and remove equipment from service when defects affecting safety are found that cannot be corrected.
  • Maintain roadways free of debris, excessive water, mud, and other conditions that impact an equipment operator’s ability to control mobile equipment.
  • Operate mobile equipment at speeds that are consistent with the type of equipment, roadway conditions, grades, clearances, visibility.
  • Task train miners on personnel carrier safety.

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