ConExpo-Con/Agg: McLanahan Corp. Portable Washing Solutions

McLanahan Corp. has for many years offered customers field-proven, easy-to operate equipment mounted on portable chassis to handle washing and classifying applications to meet customer requirements. McLanahan for the first brought this solution ConExpo-Con/Agg for its customers and dealers to see up close.

While this is not a new piece of equipment for McLanahan, it is a highly demanded configuration that the company’s dealers requested be on display due to its popularity. This configuration can be hauled using a semi-truck, showing the simplicity of setup at any operation, as well as the convenience of easy transportation between sites. 

This portable plant features all McLanahan designed and manufactured major equipment pieces, which means customers are getting the same field-proven, heavy-duty equipment that is often used in stationary set ups in a compact, portable unit. It contains a horizontal screen and a double screw washer. 

This plant includes the industry recognized McLanahan triple shaft horizontal vibrating triple-deck screen, which is able to size washed rock products for direct stockpiling. Built over a McLanahan Double Screw Fine Material Washer, this plant can size and wash three aggregate products and one sand product.

If your site is looking to produce aggregates to specifications using a highly compact, quick to set up, and easily moved unit, this portable unit has what you need. Being able to move quickly from site to site means more time operating, which increases your productivity and dollar in your pocket.

Based on years of experience with portable plants, all McLanahan Portable Solutions meet Department of Transportation standard to be easily transported. With a complete product range, an experienced process team, and a strong, local dealer network, McLanahan is committed to giving its customers solutions that are going to maximize their production and profitability. 

McLanahan Corp.,

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