ConExpo-Con/Agg: CDE Waste Recycling Solutions

CDE debuted new equipment, new projects and showcase the waste recycling solutions that are transforming dirt into dollars across North America. CDE said it “co-creates with its customers to design and engineer solutions that maximize the use of natural resources while unlocking value from waste streams.”

With 30 years of experience in providing optimized, proven solutions to customers across the world, CDE’s technologies have successfully diverted more than 100 million tons of CD&E waste from landfill.

At ConExpo-Con/Agg, CDE was joined by its customers from across North America to champion the value of recycling construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E) materials into high specification outputs.

Darren Eastwood, business development director at CDE, said, “Our focus at the show was demonstrating to the industry how CDE washing solutions are turning dirt into dollars. We’re seeing rapid growth in the waste recycling space and are awash with waste recycling enquiries as a result. CDE is leading the charge in supporting the industry to realize value from construction, demolition and excavation waste, as well as by-product from the crushing and screening processes.

“These materials are often overlooked or discarded, but they hold significant commercial value. With the efficiency and reliability offered by our proven washing solutions, materials producers can unlock that value to transform these materials into high-quality recycled sand and aggregates for construction use and boost profitability,” Eastwood concluded.

Equipment on display included CDE’s AggMax scrubbing and attrition system, its Counter Flow Classification Unit (CFCU) for density separation and EvoWash sand classification and dewatering system. The majority of equipment on display at the show is destined for a new C&D waste recycling wash plant in the United States.

Visitors had the opportunity to see the washing solutions up close, as they were guided by CDE experts around the equipment currently utilized at sites across North America.


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