ABB Offers New Process Automation Podcast

A new podcast taking you behind the scenes of the largest, most complex industrial operations on the planet has been launched by ABB.

From the phones in our hands to the water in our taps, process automation technologies are behind the scenes, helping orchestrate industrial processes, machinery and systems to operate seamlessly and efficiently to enable our everyday.

Join presenter and engineer Fran Scott as she explores how automation, electrification and digital technologies – through their role in industry – are contributing to life the way we know it and are enabling society to become more efficient and sustainable to make a world of difference.

Each episode will delve deep into how process automation technologies are transforming various industries around the world, taking you behind the scenes of some of the largest and most complex infrastructures on the planet that provide the basic building blocks of life – power, water, metals, chemicals and much more.

The first episode of The Process Automation Podcast explores the central role of process automation in underpinning everyday lives while helping industries run safer, smarter and more sustainable operations.

While many people around the world may take it for granted that reliable power is available at the flip of a switch or water flows at the turn of a knob, not many think about the sophisticated, interconnected processes, systems, technologies and operations working around the clock to enable these essentials.

In this episode, Scott is joined by the president of ABB’s Process Automation business area Peter Terwiesch to talk about how technologies central to modern society are increasingly being put to work to support a cleaner future, driven by the urgency of ensuring a sustainable path for the growing population of the planet.

The second episode of The Process Automation Podcast explores the global mining industry – and the role it plays in providing the world with the building blocks of modern life, as well as the drivers of the clean energy transition.

Solar plants, wind farms, electric vehicles and other green technologies all depend on mined materials, and, according to the World Bank, as much as 3 billion tons of metals and minerals will be needed for clean energy technologies to achieve a below 2°C future.

In this episode, Scott is joined by Max Luedtke, head of mining for ABB Process Industries. Together, they discuss how crucial the mining industry is for securing a clean, comfortable and sustainable life – and what can be done to help this industry tackle its decarbonization challenges.


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