Vulcan’s Hill Sees Market Strength

Feb. 16, 2023 – In its just released quarterly report, Vulcan Materials reported total revenues of $7.315 billion versus $5.552 billion for full-year 2021, more than a 30% increase. Regarding the company’s outlook, Tom Hill, Vulcan Materials’ chairman and chief executive officer, said, “Most leading indicators of demand remain healthy in the near term, and we carry strong pricing momentum into 2023. Overall shipments will be dependent upon the depth and duration of the decline in residential construction activity, the timing of highway starts converting to aggregates shipments, and the impact of rising interest rates on private nonresidential construction activity as the year progresses. We are encouraged by the strength in leading indicators that support growth in public construction activity, particularly highways, and we are well positioned to benefit in geographic markets where the need is greatest. On the private side, slowing single-family construction activity has outweighed continued growth in multi-family, leading to overall declines in residential demand. Nonresidential demand remains at healthy levels and continues to benefit from manufacturing and other heavy industrial projects. As always, we are focused on the things we can control, and our execution on our operating and commercial disciplines will lead to further improvement in our aggregates unit profitability and earnings growth in 2023.”

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