CEMEX Ventures Releases Top 50 ConTech Startups for 2023

CEMEX Ventures released its Top 50 ConTech Startups 2023. CEMEX Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital arm of CEMEX that invests in construction technology (ConTech) companies. 

Each year, CEMEX Ventures publishes a list of the companies and technologies with the most promise to improve the built environment and the construction process. There was $5.4 billion invested in ConTech companies in 2022, demonstrating the large opportunity to innovate and improve the construction industry.

CEMEX Ventures selects its Top 50 from four different categories: Enhanced Productivity, Future of Construction, Green Construction and Construction Supply Chain. The list includes companies from all phases of the construction process and regions of the world. 

Below are some of the companies innovating in the aggregates and building materials industries:


Materially is a platform for connecting aggregate suppliers to their customers and haulers in order to streamline the process of selling, delivering and receiving payment for aggregates. Materially creates efficiencies throughout the procurement process that benefit all three sides of the aggregates supply chain: saving users time, reducing errors, eliminating risk of fraud and improving access to actionable data insights. Materially is based in New York. 

Check out Rock Products feature on Materially from November 2022.

Carbon Limit

Carbon Limit is a novel materials company that captures CO2 pollution in the environment and uses it in concrete to partially replace the usage of portland cement. According to Carbon Limit’s website, concrete is responsible for 8% of global CO2 emissions; however cement is responsible for 90% of concrete’s emissions. Carbon Limit’s technology reduces the carbon footprint of concrete by 75%, making it a more sustainable building material. Carbon Limit is based in Boca Raton, Fla.

Conox LLC

Conox turns waste concrete into traditional glass products. Conox’s patented process melts waste concrete and repurposes it for use in products ranging from glass bottles to lightbulbs to solar glass. Conox’s low-carbon, cheap glass products create a valuable, sustainable use for waste concrete. Conox is based in Richmond, Va.


BuildWitt is a modern media, marketing and training software company focused on the construction and dirt industries. BuildWitt helps construction companies market themselves to attract and retain employees, while also providing tools to train and upskill these workers. BuildWitt’s website notes that there is a current shortage of 650,000 construction workers, and they aim to help improve this problem through their media and training solutions. BuildWitt is based in Nashville, Tenn. 

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