Rema Tip Top North America Celebrates 70 Years

In its 70-year history, Rema Tip Top North America has transitioned from being an importer and wholesaler of Rema Tip Top AG products, to being the company’s leading foreign subsidiary.

Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., with manufacturing in Madison, Ga., today Rema Tip Top North America has more than 20 locations employing more than 1,850 employees.

Rema Tip Top is celebrating its 70th Anniversary with events for employees, customers and vendors throughout 2023.

Originally founded under the name REMACO Inc. by Eugen Klouza as the U.S. importer of Rema Tip Top AG products; and first headquartered in New York City on Park Ave, and later in New Jersey, REMACO Inc. grew substantially and in 1985 it was purchased by Rema Tip Top AG.

Founded in 1923 by Otto and Willy Gruber brothers, Stahlgruber AG, the parent company of Rema Tip Top AG, is celebrating 100 years of growth. Rema Tip Top AG owns more than 160 companies under the Rema Tip Top umbrella with subsidiaries in more than 30 countries and representation in 176 countries.

Rema Tip Top North America continued to expand and in the 1990s growth included offices in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada to better serve the local markets.

A historic moment occurred in September 1999 when Hurricane Floyd hit New Jersey, severely damaging the Rema Tip Top headquarters and warehouse. Olaf Gunnarsson took the helm shortly thereafter, leading Rema Tip Top through the recovery including a quick transition to make the 55,000 sq. ft. Covington, Ga., facility the main U.S. distribution center.

Rema Tip Top North America set its eyes on expanding further, growing organically and inorganically from 2004 to current, expanding within the United States, into Canada, and in 2010 to Chile.

During this time Rema Tip Top evolved from being an importer/wholesaler to also being a distributor, service company, manufacturer and exporter of Rema Tip Top U.S. products.

Rema Tip Top North America moved in 2007 to a 155,000 sq. ft. facility in Madison, Ga., as they had outgrown the Covington facility. This increased footprint enabled the transition into manufacturing many of the Rema Tip Top products, including its signature adhesives and tire mounting lubricants.

Rema Tip Top founded the Rema Corrosion Control division in 2018, adding to the global manufacturing capacity for epoxy and resin-based coatings. The Rema Tip Top North America flagship location, in Madison Ga., expanded once again in 2022, adding 34,000 sq. ft. The company’s continued success has pushed the facility to over 225,000 sq. ft.

Employees are the company’s greatest asset and most important resource – that’s the adage at Rema Tip Top North America. It is important to the company to empower its employees and invest in their success because this is the only way to achieve long-term improvement and growth. The value of believing in and supporting employees is shown in the number of long-term employees that are with the company.

“Encouraging, educating and supporting our employees is essential to our success,” said said Olaf Gunnarsson, president/CEO of Rema Tip Top North America. “This explains why many colleagues have been with us for the majority of their professional life. We see our employees as the most important part of our company’s history and future. Their suggestions and ideas have made Rema Tip Top North America a stronger, more viable company. I firmly believe that if you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of the company, performing to their highest ability and the company can achieve more than imagined. I am proud of what we have accomplished together over the past twenty-plus years. By offering opportunities for advancement within the company, we ensure that there will continue to be skilled employees who can take on leadership positions and carry the company into the future.”

Throughout 2023 Rema Tip Top North America will be holding various celebrations, at tradeshows and each facility. Celebrations will include a presentation, cake and special events for customers, employees and vendors. Rema Tip Top is also gathering historical stories at each event and encourages anyone with a Rema Tip Top story to stop by and share it.