Holcim US Partners with Amazon Web Services

Jan. 11, 2023 – Holcim US, a leader in sustainable building solutions, today announced a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Baker Concrete Construction to provide innovative, low-carbon ECOPact® concrete for the construction of several Amazon Data Centers in Northern Virginia. The companies’ goals on sustainability enabled a collaborative approach to the initiative.

Concrete contributes a significant share of embodied carbon in data center construction, and AWS is undertaking initiatives to reduce the carbon impact of the concrete required. For example, AWS implemented a new design standard requiring concrete with at least a 20% reduction in embodied carbon versus standard concrete for new U.S. data centers. Holcim’s ECOPact mixes allow AWS to not only meet this requirement but almost double it.

“It’s the choices we make today that will shape the world we live in tomorrow— and it’s a changing world. New ideas, new technologies and new requirements are changing the ways we design, build and grow,” said Cedric Barthelemy, Regional Head, Mid-Atlantic with Holcim US. “AWS and Baker Concrete Construction are known for bold thinking across business models, which extends to the companies’ respective approaches to sustainability. Our partnership pairs AWS’ experience in data warehousing and our expertise in designing low-carbon concretes to ultimately result in contributing to a more sustainable built environment.”

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