Rammer Large Range Hammers Feature Advanced Hydraulics

Rammer Large Range hammers use advanced hydraulics combined with materials and production technology to create hydraulic hammers that are powerful, durable and cost-effective.

So whether you are tackling the most challenging duties at general construction, demolition, quarrying, secondary and primary mining or special applications, Rammer’s Large Range hydraulic hammers are your reliable solution for carriers between 26 and 120 tons (57,300–264,600 lb.)

• The 2,350 kg Rammer 3288E hydraulic hammer is suitable for carriers in the 26 to 42 tonne range.
• The 3,380 kg Rammer 4099E is suitable for carriers in the 36 to 55 tonne range.
• The 4,750 kg Rammer 5011E hammer is suitable for carriers between 43 and 80 tons.
• The 7,400 kg Rammer 9033E is suitable for carriers between 65 and 120 tons.

Rammer Large Range hammers are designed using a revolutionary new operating principle that combines stroke length, blow energy and Rammer’s idle blow protector that allows the hammer to be adjusted to match individual carriers and applications, improving hydraulic efficiency and safety.

Rammer, www.rammer.com

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