Orica Expands Fragmentation Monitoring to Real-Time Oversize

Orica released its most innovative fragmentation monitoring solution yet, FRAGTrack Gantry. A market-first haul truck measurement solution combining real-time oversize detection alerts and accurate Particle Size Distribution of fragmentation on all models and sizes of haul trucks.

Combining the success of the existing suite of automated post-blast fragmentation monitoring solutions and the feedback from customers experiencing loss of production due to crusher blockage, Orica has developed FRAGTrack Gantry. This pioneering technology uses advanced machine vision and machine learning technologies to enable autonomous triggering and processing, without interfering with the haulage operation.

FRAGTrack Gantry leverages real-time oversized detection through artificial intelligence (AI). This unique machine learning capability is applied to real-time detection accomplished within seconds and alerts syndicated via Fleet Management Systems, email, or SMS for the re-routing of trucks. Operators can also predetermine customizable oversize limits, enabling a reduction in crusher blockage/damage frequency due to oversize material.

Orica Vice President – Digital Solutions Raj Mathiraved said, “The full adoption of AI technology into our architecture, coupled with our strategic partnership with Microsoft, allows us to expedite the delivery of capabilities that were not previously possible, and FRAGTrack Gantry is another example of how we are leveraging AI to help deliver intelligence and value to our customers.”

The reliable and accurate fragmentation information from FRAGTrack Gantry enables customers to optimize their drill and blast operations for downstream processes without impacting the haul circuit operation. The addition of a Gantry option complements the suite of FRAGTrack measurement systems currently available for shovel, crusher and conveyor mounted configurations.

Orica, orica.com/FRAGTrack

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