Ford Pro Moves Business Owners Into the Digital Age

Ford Pro Fleet Management Software is the latest tool added to its Intelligence suite of fleet management solutions, expanding on the one-stop shop of vehicles, software, charging, service and financing.

The affordable, always-on software program gives office admins and fleet managers a new tool to combat drawers and file folders brimming with paperwork. Powered by fleet management software provider Fleetio, the cloud-based, easy-to-manage system fully digitizes cost-related data and puts total cost of ownership at their fingertips.

The three primary fleet management products in the suite include:

Ford Pro Fleet Management Software

  • Provides a flexible tracking system designed to monitor fuel usage costs and work with virtually any payment method.
  • Tracks important data on vehicles of any make, as well as gas and electric models.
  • Optimizes vehicle cycle management.
  • Enables drivers to automate maintenance and repair tracking at more than 55,000 in-network repair facilities across the United States.
  • Is optimized for fleets of up to 150 vehicles.

Ford Pro Title and Registration

  • Helps save time on registration and licensing management.
  • Provides a single point of contact to renew vehicle registrations.
  • Helps manage vehicle title-related concerns such as transfer from state-to-state.

Ford Pro Driver Risk Management

  • Helps track crucial information on fleet drivers.
  • Reports include comprehensive Motor Vehicle Record checks and monitoring, license expiration dates, and violation point customization.
  • Broadening fleet management solutions.

The web-based system is available to individual drivers in a mobile app format, enabling them to input data while on the job. The program integrates with Ford Pro vehicle software such as Ford Pro Telematics to give business owners an even broader view of important fleet vehicle information. 

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