Polydeck’s PROTEX Can Extend the Life of Your Processing Equipment

Protect your investment and extend the life of your processing equipment by using PROTEX, Polydeck’s line of protective products. PROTEX advances Polydeck’s mission of solving your biggest challenges to increase production efficiencies.

Sam Durnavich is Polydeck’s global mining key account and product manager, based in Denver. His responsibilities with Polydeck have taken him from the Kazak flats to the ice capped mountains of Irian Jaya. He has traveled the world to crushing and screening plants, working to help operations find the best screen media and protective solutions to help them reduce costs and achieve their business goals. Durnavich’s experience helping commission, upgrade and operate multiple facilities has left him with what he considers a simple, holistic approach to helping mining operations combat wear and erosion, and in turn create more efficiency.

According to Durnavich, protective products are critical for efficiency. When used effectively, chosen correctly for your operation and properly employed, Polydeck PROTEX are a critical component for increasing mining operation efficiency.

“Protective products can be game-changing for a mining operation but they must be chosen and used effectively for your specific operation’s needs,” Durnavich said. “Consider standardizing size, shape and thickness to accomplish this. It no longer surprises me when I encounter an operation with a very complicated set up. Time and time again I have seen brand new plants with amazing engineering details with the most complicated wear liner packages. Some of the drawings for these chutes and transfer points require a PhD in mechanical engineering to read. They often include several different part numbers which do not match the other chutes and transfer points in the plant. This leads to a warehousing nightmare for planners but also lots of headaches for the maintenance personnel.”

Regardless of the challenges your mining operation faces, you can increase your efficiency by equipping your processing machinery with Polydeck PROTEX. Polydeck PROTEX are easily customizable, protect the wear life of your equipment, increase safety and most importantly increase the efficiency of your mining operation.Read more here from Durnavich about Polydeck’s PROTEX solutions.

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