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New Products And Sophisticated Technology Help Producers Make The Most Of Their Dredging Capabilities.

By Mark S. Kuhar

For aggregates producers that dredge, the evolution of technology has been something to witness over the past few years. Dredges were once the offensive tackle of heavy equipment, but now they have become more like the star running back.

CDW Delivers Cutter Suction Dredge
Custom Dredge Works (CDW) announced the delivery and launch of a 12-in. electric-powered Cutter Suction Dredge at Eastern Shore Sand & Gravel, which is owned by York Building Products. The dredge has an 85-ft.-long ladder capable of comfortably mining in water depths up to 62 ft.

A Cutter Suction Dredge is a floating mining-oriented machine that pulls sand and gravel up from the bottom of a mining pit that is mostly filled with water. Often, mining companies have a negative view of the accumulation of water in a mine. However, if the production criteria and objectives of the mine support the addition of a dredge, more often than not, the dredge meets or exceeds production goals – and at the lowest cost per ton.

York Building Products is one of the largest concrete products manufacturers in the United States. It has christened the dredge “The Mary Beth.” The dredge is successfully achieving the mining production objectives that York set forth and expected.

Custom Dredge Works’ President John Jones is very excited and confident in the effectiveness of this new dredge to achieve or exceed production goals and ambitions. “Our focus was to design and deliver a world-class flagship dredge to York Building Products. We believe that we have achieved that,” said Jones. “We are excited to see this advanced dredge aid York in its aggregate mining operations in Maryland.”

Custom Dredge Works, www.customdredgeworks.com

DSC Dredge Leverages Technology 
On June 9, Bill Wetta, DSC Dredge’s senior vice president of product development and chief technology officer, announced yet another upgrade: DSC VISION Survey+.

With the introduction of DSC VISION Survey+, owners and operators can expect:

  • Greater mapping resolution.
  • Longer range and wider field of view.
  • Reduced turbidity and acoustic interference.
  • Newest technology surpassing those used by the USACE.

According to Wetta, “In 2020, when I stated that the DSC VISION package was going to move dredging into the 21st century, my brother Bob and I already knew it was not going to be the stopping point for DSC Dredge’s contribution. We can honestly say the dredging industry and its technological advancements is nowhere near completion and DSC will continue to pave the road from leading in customizations to technology as a whole.”

When DSC VISION launched in 2020, DSC Dredge said it set in motion the standards for advancement in the industry. The revolutionary combination of DSC Dredge and Teledyne software, Trimble GNSS positioning and Teledyne Marine sonar technology delivers a single, powerful package that allows operators to dredge with a new level of accuracy, confidence and efficiency, resulting in significantly reduced project cost and risk, the company stated.

Prior to DSC VISION, operators relied on dredging experience, machine feel and subjective instrumentation for ensuring real-time productivity and post dredging surveys for precise bathymetry or stockpile measurements and accurate mine planning. 

The DSC VISION system integrated geographical dredge cutter head position and heading, multi-beam sonar imaging and mapping, dredge navigation and instrumentation, remote connectivity and monitoring, and a user graphical display and software interface that correctly depicts the current dredge location, depth of the cutter head, and topography of the bottom. 

The inclusion of Teledyne’s acoustic sonar, provides critical real-time visual updates, leaving little to chance, as the operator can see the entire work area below the dredge, allowing them to react accordingly. This eliminates various concerns such as over dredging, under dredging, and operator safety, which leads to higher production rates, lower energy consumption and reduced downtime. 

According to one of its current users, “DSC VISION has been a phenomenal system, it is very helpful for the operators, and has exceeded all expectations. The software is incomparable to anything else we have ever utilized.”

Before June 9, DSC VISION was only available in two versions, DSC VISION Standard and DSC VISION Survey. In summary, the DSC VISION Standard package was available for both aggregate and recreational usage and DSC VISION Survey for lake management, environmental dredging and navigational dredging.

DSC Dredge, www.dscdredge.com

Ellicott Dredges to Supply Potash Producer
A major Potash producer awarded Ellicott Dredges a contract to supply a completely custom, electric, stainless steel bucketwheel dredge which encompasses advanced technology for the control, operating and electrical systems. 

The dredge hull, deckhouse, ladder and other structural items will be fabricated from 316 Stainless Steel. Additionally, the dredge is designed for year-round operation in temperatures ranging from -29°F (-34°C) to 95°F (35°C).

The new B590E Wheel Dragon Dredge integrates the following features, including customization based upon customer-specific requirements including:

  • Ellicott 100-hp (DWE-60) dual wheel excavator.
  • 500-hp (372 kW) and 250-hp (186 kW) electric motors.
  • Custom structure, electrical and hydraulic systems aimed at improving maintainability and with a focus on safety.
  • Control system integrated with RTK GPS.
  • UPS and Transfer switch for short-term and long-term backup power for key systems.

Ellicott Dredges, www.dredge.com

Watson Gravel Investing in New Clamshell Dredge
Watson Gravel, a multi-location sand and gravel producer serving Cincinnati, western Ohio, eastern Indiana and northern Kentucky, awarded Supreme Manufacturing a contract to build a clamshell dredge for its operation in Ross, Ohio. 

The dredge will be a single 16-cu.-yd. gantry-style dredge. With a 200-ft. standard digging depth and the latest innovation in onboard processing equipment and automation, Watson said the new dredge will greatly increase production capability its flagship location.

“This project is a result of careful long-term planning by the customer, with the goal to be the highest production … lowest operating cost per ton sand and gravel producer in the region,” said Neil Hoobler, company president. “It’s always fulfilling to partner with customers that are looking into the future and are willing to invest in long-term savings. The MD-16 is becoming one of our most popular models – with its high production capacity – and it will be exciting to see the results of this investment this season in dramatically higher production, and dramatically lower production cost.”

Supreme Manufacturing, https://suprememfg.net

Rohr-Idreco Offers Zero Emission Support Operations
Zero emissions, maximum energy efficiency and reduced noise pollution are key factors in “water protection areas” and environmentally sensitive mining locations as well as urban centers. These are circumstances for which Rohr-Idreco’s zero-emission iBoat is perfectly tailored. The vessel is equipped with a 200-kW propulsion battery pack that can be charged from either onshore or the dredger.

As with many dredgers in the Rohr-Idreco portfolio, the workboat is designed to be “containerized” allowing it to be conveniently transported worldwide in 40-ft. containers and reassembled quickly and easily on-site.

A deck crane, alarm system, searchlight, GPS and echo sounder are some of the vessel’s standard equipment. It can be further customized and upgraded from an extensive range of options.

The iBoat is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as anchor handling, mooring and support operations. Developed in collaboration with Groeneveldt Marine Construction, the iBoat is built in the Netherlands to the highest standards.

Rohr-Idreco, www.rohr-idreco.com/iboat

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