Belize Reportedly Says No Mining

Sept. 13, 2022 – The Belize government will not allow Vulcan Materials to mine near a coastal village due to environmental concerns, following reports of land purchases by the company, according to an article on BNAmericas. Sustainable development minister Orlando Habet said officials from Prime Minister John Briceño’s government made a decision that no surface mining will be permitted near Gales Point Manatee on the Caribbean coast. Vulcan reportedly acquired or was planning to acquire several hundred acres of land near Gales Point Manatee in an area called White Ridge farms. Back in August, Dr. Ed Boles said that the company’s intent “to blast, pulverize and ship Sugar Hills, a limestone formation, to the southeastern United States for use as road fill” would disrupt local hydrologic systems in the Southern Lagoon area, threatening the largest concentration of Caribbean manatees, as well as Central American River Turtles, American Crocodiles and other fauna. Vulcan maintains that the White Ridge Project is an environmentally and socially sustainable limestone quarry.

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