Mazio Hydraulic Rock Breakers Ideal for Quarry Applications

The heavy-duty XL Series of hydraulic rock breakers from Port St. Lucie, Fla.-based Mazio Attachments LLC provides reliable performance in the most demanding applications – from quarries and mining, to tunneling and trenches, to demolition and more.

Designed for carriers from 1 ton to 140 tons of operating weight – including mini excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and excavators – Mazio XL Breakers will withstand the brutal conditions faced in these applications, providing reliable performance day in and day out.

Mazio hammers feature a closed case built from 100% Hardox steel to protect the body from wear and impact, setting them apart from most breakers on the market today. In addition, a number of standard features also lend to the breakers’ durability, including anti-blank-fire technology, which minimizes wear; an energy recovery system that reduces the required oil flow; and the breakers’ double-damping system that results in less vibration. Variable impact speed and power can be manually tuned using an Allen tool, allowing the operator to adjust the breaker for correct productivity. A lower breaker speed provides greater power, while higher speed reduces the power, depending on the application needs.

All Mazio breakers come with a five-year warranty. They also are available with the company’s exclusive vibration-activated Digital Hour Meter, which accurately measures the tool’s operational hours, differentiating from the carrier hours, ultimately providing better tracking for preventative maintenance activities and billable hours. A 12-year integrated, sealed battery powers the meter as it automatically and autonomously tracks the tool’s impulse during operation, calculating its true work hours. A fiberglass-reinforced heavy-duty rubber case protects the meter from harsh working environments.

Mazio offers six XL breaker models for 30-ton to 140-ton mining-duty excavators, with tools ranging from 3.4 tons (3 metric tons) in weight and 9.8 ft. (2,980 mm) in length to 11 tons (10 metric tons) in weight and 16.4 ft. (5,000 mm) in length. For excavators 11 to 36 tons, five breaker models range from 1 ton (.9 metric tons) and 6.7 ft. (2,050 mm) to 2.6 tons (2.4 metric tons) and 8.7 ft. (2,650 mm).

Mazio Attachments LLC,

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