EDDY Pump Addresses Problems Pumping Sand and Aggregate

Sand and aggregate pits usually are dredged using drag lines or excavators to mechanically dig up the sand and aggregate and then place it into big piles. The sand and aggregate are then loaded into large trucks and driven to the processing plant. This is a very costly and time-consuming process that incorporates large capital equipment and manpower.

EDDY Pump has developed various ways to avoid all these headaches and instead pump the sand and aggregate directly from the pit into the processing plant. This saves the plant millions of dollars a year.

The EDDY Pump’s unique design allows sand and aggregate mines to pump the material at production rates of up to 450 cu. yd. or 800 tph of material. Due to the EDDY Pump design allowing it to pump higher solids content, the plants will be dealing with significantly less water.

On average the EDDY Pump will handle about 40% to 70% solids by weight. The EDDY Pump’s open rotor design also allows it to pump rocks up to 9-in. in diameter without clogging. For operations where the plants prefer to screen down the aggregate size, classifiers can also be added at the front of the pump eliminating oversized rocks. The best EDDY Pump dredges for the sand and aggregate industry are the excavator pump attachment, remote-operate dredge, and cable deployed dredge pump.

Sumps in the sand and aggregate industry play a crucial component in collecting all the sand, chat, rocks and debris that are cast out during the processing. All these rocks, debris and abrasive material cause constant issues for centrifugal sump pumps. This means constant downtime and costly repairs. These abrasive sands quickly wear out the impellers of the pumps, in addition to the and the rocks and debris clogging the low tolerance centrifugal pumps.

The EDDY Pump is the ideal solution for these sumps and can be deployed electrically, hydraulically or self-priming. The EDDY Pump will not wear out like the conventional centrifugal sumps pumps and will also not clog like the other sump pumps. All of these attributes mean a lot less down time and costly repairs like centrifugal sump pumps.

EDDY Pump, www.eddypump.com

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