Summit Materials Aggregates Revenues Rise in Second Quarter

Summit Materials Inc. announced results for the second quarter ended July 2. Net revenue increased $13.4 million, or 2.2% in the second quarter to $631.9 million, due to increases in average sales prices across all lines of business that more than offset volume declines due primarily to divestitures.

Operating income increased $15.3 million, or 16.0% in the second quarter to $111.2 million, primarily as net revenue gains and decreases in depletion, amortization and accretion expenses outpaced increases in cost of revenue. Summit’s operating margin percentage for the three months ended July 2, increased to 17.6% from 15.5%, from the comparable period a year ago.

Net income attributable to Summit Inc. increased to $190.1 million, or $1.61 per basic share, compared to $56.7 million, or $0.48 per basic share in the comparable prior year period. Summit reported adjusted diluted net income of $71.8 million, or $0.60 per adjusted diluted share as compared to $58.0 million, or $0.49 per adjusted diluted share in the prior year period.

Aggregates net revenues increased by $8.0 million to $161.5 million in the second quarter. Aggregates adjusted cash gross profit margin decreased to 53.7% in the second quarter as compared to 55.9% in the second quarter 2021. Aggregates sales volume decreased 1.6% in the second quarter as solid organic volume growth driven by the West Segment was more than offset by volume decreases in certain markets due to divestitures. Average selling prices for aggregates increased 4.7% in the second quarter with growth across both reporting segments.


Cement segment net revenues increased 9.1% to $93.7 million in the second quarter. Cement segment adjusted cash gross profit margin increased to 48.6% in the second quarter, compared to 47.2% in the prior year period, reflecting strong pricing gains that more than offset higher variable costs. Sales volume of cement decreased 0.4% and average selling prices increased 7.5% in the second quarter.

Products net revenues were $294.6 million in the second quarter, compared to $292.1 million in the prior year period. Products adjusted cash gross profit margin decreased to 18.2% in the second quarter, versus 18.8% in the prior year period. Average sales price for ready-mix concrete increased 9.7% driven by pricing growth across the majority of markets, with strong, double-digit growth in the Intermountain West and Texas. 

Sales volumes of ready-mix concrete decreased 9.1% due to divestitures and cement supply constraints. Average selling prices for asphalt increased 18.9%, driven by strong pricing gains in Texas and the Intermountain West market. Asphalt volume decreased 15.2% due primarily to the impact of divestitures.

“Today, Summit is reporting record quarterly earnings and the lowest net leverage in company history as we continue to successfully execute on our Elevate Strategy,” commented Anne Noonan, Summit Materials president and CEO. “In 2022, we have already achieved a mid to high single digit price increases in each line of business, with asphalt achieving double digit price increases. We continue to characterize current market conditions as favorable towards the potential for additional price increases. Our portfolio optimization efforts are enhancing the contributions from materials and opening up opportunities to invest strategically. We are pulling all available self-help margin levers to improve performance and offset inflation. We are maintaining our 2022 Adjusted EBITDA guidance and remain confident that Summit Materials is on track for another year of strong performance.”

Brian Harris, CFO of Summit Materials, added, “Armed with the strongest balance sheet in Summit history, we are well positioned to pursue a broad range of high return capital allocation priorities that are value creative to Summit shareholders. As part of our Horizon Two objective, we will invest to grow priority markets. To us, that means advancing our market leadership position through growth initiatives, including greenfields, as well as pursuing attractive M&A opportunities that align with our portfolio optimization criteria. This financial flexibility together with sound execution sets Summit Materials up for growth and strong returns.”

In the three months ended July 2, 2022, Summit Materials sold one business in the East segment, resulting in cash proceeds of $293.9 million and a total gain on disposition of $156.1 million. To date, as part of its Elevate Summit Strategy, the company has received $470.1 million in proceeds from a total of 10 divestitures.

During the three months ended July 2, 2022, Summit Materials repaid $72.4 million of its term loan under provisions related to the divestitures of businesses.

By geographical segment, the West segment operating income increased 17.6% to $62.6 million and Adjusted EBITDA increased 7.5% to $84.6 million in the second quarter due primarily to pricing gains and aggregates volume growth that more than offset lower downstream volumes and inflationary cost conditions. 

Aggregates revenue in the second quarter increased 11.8% on 4.2% pricing growth and 7.3% volume growth, which was driven by strong demand conditions in Texas and British Columbia. Ready-mix concrete revenue in the second quarter increased 10.7% as 11.2% pricing growth was partially offset by lower volumes in the Intermountain West and North Texas. Asphalt revenue increased 10.8% in the second quarter as volumes decreased 5.0%, due to a divestiture made in the second quarter of 2021. Asphalt sales prices increased 19.2% in the period.

The East Segment operating income decreased 8.6% to $31.6 million and Adjusted EBITDA decreased 18.5% to $46.7 million in the second quarter. Lower operating income and Adjusted EBITDA reflects increased cost of revenue that exceeded pricing growth. Aggregates revenue decreased 4.1% versus the prior year period. 

Aggregates volumes decreased 9.9% as growth in the Georgia market was more than offset by divestitures and wet conditions in Kansas. Average selling prices for aggregates increased 6.6% led by strong growth in Georgia. Ready-mix concrete revenue decreased 37.0% as volumes decreased 38.2% due to divestitures. Excluding divestitures, volumes were flat in the second quarter relative to the year ago period. Ready-mix concrete average selling price increased 1.8% in the period. Due to divestitures, asphalt revenue decreased 22.0% as lower volumes were only partially offset by pricing growth. Asphalt average selling prices increased 16.1% to reflect increases in liquid asphalt costs.

The Cement segment operating income increased 30.7% to $33.7 million in the second quarter. Adjusted EBITDA increased $3.8 million as pricing gains and cost control measures more than offset inflationary conditions. In the second quarter, the Cement segment reported a volume decrease of 0.4% and average selling price growth of 7.5%.

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