Holcim US Becomes Founding Member of Blue Sky Maritime Coalition

Holcim US announced its designation as a founding member of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition as it advances its mission to build a net zero future. As a founding member of the coalition, Holcim unites with other industry stakeholders to seek ways to achieve zero-carbon emissions through various work streams, including technology, policy, finance and measurement.

“To drive a more sustainable and climate-conscious focus across all our operations, Holcim is always in search of ways to strategically partner with other entities that hold the same values,” said Jared Stull, vice president, Integrated Supply Chain at Holcim US. “With this in mind, we are proud to be a founding member of the coalition and collaboratively engaging with the other members to achieve our shared goals to transform maritime transportation.”

Blue Sky Maritime Coalition consists of a diverse group of organizations focused on accelerating the North American maritime value chain’s pathway to net zero emissions by evaluating, encouraging and engaging innovation that reduces emissions. Holcim operates maritime assets on the ocean, Great Lakes and inland waterways, making advancements in clean maritime technologies a priority to significantly lower its carbon footprint.

In joining the coalition, Holcim US extends its work to accelerate the transition to net zero. From offering low-carbon cements and concrete to integrating zero-emissions vehicles to decrease the use of diesel fuel, the company continues to innovate and put sustainability first.

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