CalCIMA Files Letters Regarding the Status of the Western Joshua Tree

Last week, the California Construction and Industrial Minerals Association (CalCIMA) filed legal, policy and coalition letters with the Fish and Game Commission regarding its upcoming meeting to consider whether to list the western Joshua tree as an endangered species or not. 

The letters review how scientific research shows the tree is abundant; is not threatened by climate change, wildfire or development; and that regulatory, policy and conservation programs have created habitat for the tree to thrive. 

The coalition letter was signed by the Rural County Representatives of California, Rebuild SoCal Partnership, CA Alliance for Jobs, and agriculture, building, and manufacturing groups. 

Last month, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a report to the Fish and Game commission which recommended not listing the tree under the endangered species. The western Joshua tree was given candidate status while the department conducted a review to determine whether it should be considered threatened.

The listing would give the tree – which is actually a succulent and part of the Yucca genus – protections it’s had since being granted candidate status in September 2020. Those protections include a ban on importing, exporting, taking or killing, purchasing and selling the plant except when authorized.

The Fish and Game Commission meets on June 15 to decide on the western Joshua tree. 

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