Fairbanks Scales Announces FB9000 Series Conveyor Belt Scales

Fairbanks Scales Inc. announced its new FB9000 Series Conveyor Belt Scales, a reliable and easy-to-install weighing solution for idler-style in-motion conveying applications.

The Fairbanks belt scale is a simple field-assembled design that can be easily installed in the field without requiring large equipment to install. It is available in the most common configurations with the instrumentation and display to service most scale needs. With convenient options like the self-storing test weight assembly, Fairbanks’ belt scales prove to be user and service friendly and avoid the hassle of prefabricated modular systems.

The FB9000’s self-aligning weighbridge accurately measures the force of material, without the use of levers, linage, or other mechanical apparatus known to product non-linearity. Its unique design is perfect for a number of applications.

  • Stationary Plants. Accurate, repeatable tracking of product totals and ratios are a crucial element of plant management. The FB9000 Series scales offer high resolution weighing of all products, even low flow rate applications.
  • Portable with Angle Sensor. The FB9000 Series scales are uniquely suited for all portable applications. Our modular design allows for installation on virtually any style conveyor, including low profile and spine conveyors.
  • Catenary Idler. The FB9000 Series’ automatic angle compensation feature enables repeatable, accurate weighing on catenary style idlers, such as those used on track- mounted portable crushers and asphalt milling machines.
  • Load Out. Rail, barge, truck, and ship load out requires high accuracy in the most rugged environments. The FB9000 Series is known for high accuracy at flow rates up to 10,000 tons per hour, and it has built-in load out controls for automated cutoff.

Fairbanks, www.fairbanks.com

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