BKT Launches BKT Land, an Immersive Metaverse Experience

BKT has launched “BKT Land,” a place in the Metaverse without boundaries of space and time – an evolution that has been anticipated by the numerous virtual projects that the Indian multinational has fine-tuned over recent years.  

“For those who are a bit uncertain about the topic, the Metaverse is a virtual reality where you can live, interact and deepen your knowledge; where you can have immersive experiences by means of an avatar that enables you to access exclusive and unexplored places,” the company stated.

Starting from the value of sharing, which is the drive pulsating inside each strategy by BKT, the company has created a virtual environment rich of stimuli and information available for everyone who wants to join.

So, what is BKT Land like? Imagine that you open a door and are welcomed by a readily available virtual assistant: Right away, you find a central hall, a landing point where an avatar lets you move towards the different areas available. 

You can then choose to visit three showrooms containing all BKT tire lines divided into the three segments: Agriculture, OTR and Industrial. Every showroom displays more than 50 products, and you have the opportunity to examine them through 3D-exploration, to view the products’ technical data sheets and other video material. 
Besides the show rooms, you can take advantage of four thematic areas dedicated to Sponsorships, Network, Fans and Events.

  • Entering the Sponsorships area means that you can experience closely the sports part of the site thanks to pictures covering the entire wall that users can access.
  • In the Events area you can go through BKT’s scheduled international initiatives. 
  • In the Network area, users can take a close look at the BKT universe by means of the video interviews and contents of the digital hub “BKT Network.”
  • In the Fans area you can experience virtual challenges and moments of playful entertainment, together with other users.

Since BKT Land is an expanding universe, these four thematic environments will be launched little by little in order to give users the opportunity to fully experience them before passing to the “next level.”

Finally, BKT recommends exploring BKT Land from the desktop in order to best enjoy its entire potential living a fully immersive experience.

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