BMH Offers Wearnetics Wear-Maintenance Strategy

Wearnetics is a state-of-the-art technology designed by BMH Global Design specifically as a wear-maintenance strategy to reduce total operating cost. BMHg streamlines the reporting process by harvesting real time data to expedite corrective action to return best possible asset performance.

Evolution of Wearnetics
The team at BMHg has been in mining for a long time and designed all forms of transfer chute systems for many projects around the globe. They noticed some very repetitive conclusions every time. No product or service existed to inform you of the real operating condition of your assets. BMHg formed a notion something could be done and started investing. Wearnetics was born.

Benefits of Wearnetics
Compared to conventional autonomous wear-maintenance techniques, Wearnetics does not need a cluster of electrical cables to work. It works with wireless technology.

  • It uses a dense cluster of sensors to increase image resolution. Current systems on the market use sensors at long separation distances.
  • It interfaces with existing wear consumables as the Wearnetics system incorporates a flexible and low profile design that complements the asset. In other words, plug and play.
  • It can operate even when the material is flowing, eliminate the need to stop your operation, isolate, clean. Most importantly, performing high risk work in confined spaces is eliminated. Activities traditionally associated with wear data collection is a thing of the past.
  • It delivers mass data at your fingertips. BMHg has developed an innovative online service that any mine manager, superintendent, planner and engineer can access real information anytime and anywhere. Wearnetics will tell you how your assets are performing and autonomously recommends corrective actions.
  • Its online solver platform is autonomous. The Wearnetics solver will connect you with a comprehensive dashboard where you will have access to real graphical and metric performance data. The online solver will prepare your drawing package in a matter of minutes and the wear consumable supply chain process begins at a fast and accurate pace.
  • It is designed for mobility. Depending on your budget, BMHg can offer you an application so you can access your information on your terms.

Get More Done With Mobility
Wearnetics is designed for mobility. Information is everything in a fast-paced mining operation. Planning and decision making is an integral part of business. BMHg helps by producing tools that make your operation more efficient. BMHg will save you time and in the process will save your money.

The Wearnetics app syncs with the wireless sensor network neatly concealed behind your wear consumable to feedback instant metrics on asset performance.

BMH Global,

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