Regal Rexnord Offers RexPro Engineered Steel Chain

The new RexPro engineered steel chain (ESC) from Regal Rexnord offers the strength and durability of engineered steel chain with its exclusive field connection link, which makes assembling and maintaining engineered steel chain safer, faster, easier and more cost effective than other chains, the company stated.

With RexPro ESC, a single worker can easily assemble the chain with the proper interference fit to ensure optimum performance and maximum wear life using tools available to every mechanic or maintenance worker eliminating the need for cumbersome existing methods or other homegrown solutions. RexPro ESC is ideal for chain bucket elevator applications in cement, fertilizer and other bulk material-handling operations.

Assuring the proper fit of chain components is critical to the strength of the chain. Existing methods to connect chain and achieve the desired fit involve heavy and cumbersome tools; that process is time-consuming. Because of this, many end users and installers resort to dangerous homegrown solutions to make connections easier and finish installations faster.

They can contribute to chain failures and in some cases a chain drop, which results in costly, unplanned outages to perform dangerous repairs that frequently cause lost-time injuries. These homegrown solutions compromise the integrity of the chain and expose workers to greater safety risk.

“Our customers have complained for years that using existing manufacturer-approved tools to achieve a factory fit at the field connections is too difficult,” said Fred Lueneburg, Regal Rexnord global chain product manager. “They complain that the tools are too heavy and bulky. We are proud to be the only company to offer this safer, more intuitive solution.”

By maximizing the life of the chain and reducing unscheduled outages, maintenance time, manpower and emergency costs, the RexPro ESC with our exclusive field connection link is a far more cost-effective engineered steel chain than other options.

Over the life of the chain, RexPro ESC can save the user up to $65,000 annually by reducing annualized material cost; reducing the likelihood of accidents, injury, repair, insurance fees and fines that are associated with chain failures due to less-than-optimal assembly of engineered steel chain.

Regal Rexnord,

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