Aggregates Plant Hidden Underwater

May 6, 2022 – National media sources were recently abuzz with the news that a barrel with a body in it was discovered in Lake Mead, Nev., as a result of the water level receding. But did you know there is an aggregates and concrete plant submerged in the lake too? The plant was built in the 1930s to supply the massive Hoover Dam project. In the 1980s, much of the  plant was 115 ft. below the surface, but not anymore. Anyone can now easily see a clarifying tank on the island directly in front of Hemenway Harbor. Visible to divers are four piles of crushed aggregate with concrete tunnels, the remains of conveyor belts, rail tracks, stairwells, foundations for steel towers and more. It’s now within recreational dive depth, making it a diver’s dream, according to NewsNow8. Checkout the article, there is underwater video of the plant.

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