BEUMER Displays Past, Present and Future of Mining at CIM

As the mining industry defines what mining for future generations will be, BEUMER brings together past learnings, today’s economical and environmentally friendly bulk-handling solutions and tomorrow’s advanced technology to build the foundation for future generations of mining success. 

BEUMER will feature a working pipe conveyor model, mining table and BEUMER Smart Glasses technology at Booth 823 at the CIM Convention May 1-4 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
The industry is more than mining and includes transportation, storage and homogenization of the materials in blending beds. BEUMER partners with your operation at every step of the value chain through project planning, installation and customer support services. With excavated raw materials requiring long transportation routes above ground through inhabited revisions, environmental protection zones and mountains, BEUMER delivers environmentally friendly and economical conveying technology through modern engineering for the excavation of ores, coal and minerals, the company stated.

The BEUMER bulk-handling portfolio includes:

  • Conveying and loading technology.
  • Blending bed.
  • Ship loader.
  • Bulk loading heads.
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Overland belt conveyors.
  • Pipe conveyors.

Knowing malfunctions and standstills can quickly become expensive, BEUMER reimagined customer support to always be on-site through BEUMER Smart Glasses. This cutting-edge technology provides fast and easy support, which allows us to identify and solve the problem together, while minimizing the need for time-consuming and expensive engineer callouts. 
Beyond the RealWear HMT-1 hardware and BEUMER support app, operations gain live access to the expertise of specialist BEUMER operators 24/7 – even in remote scenarios. BEUMER Smart Glasses technology uses advanced technology to bring the future of customer support to today’s operations.

With customers around the globe, BEUMER has delivered solutions to pain points through bulk handling systems and collective expertise of team members.

Additionally, BEUMER will welcome Lukas Paul, new head of ports and terminals for BEUMER Group Austria, to CIM as he shares insights from his storied career in conveying and loading systems. Paul is a 20-plus-year industry veteran in the field of pipe conveyors with international experience coordinating projects between Europe and the United States.

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