California Recycling Bill Advances

April 22, 2022 – CalCIMA’s Construction Material Recycling Bill Passed its First Committee Without Opposition. CalCIMA’s Charley Rea and several member companies testified on behalf of  Assemblymember Rudy Salas’ AB 2953 promoting increased recycling of construction materials in pavements at the local level. The legislation would both decrease pavement costs and carbon emissions for pavements statewide. As the Assemblyman pointed out, the legislation passed unanimously in the legislature last year and has now been strengthened with feedback from the administration. In addition to numerous letters of support, CalCIMA Members who testified in support of the bill include Granite Construction, National Ready Mix Concrete Company and Holliday Rock. The legislation has been a longstanding priority for Asphalt and Concrete producers in California. “We have a long way to go but are on the right track and would like to thank our members and industry partners for their support of the legislation,” CalCIMA said.

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