HCSS Telematics Helps Construction Fleets Transition to 4G

HCSS, a provider of software that helps heavy civil businesses streamline their operations, is assisting fleets getting ready for the 3G to 4G transition that started February 2022. Cellular networks are sunsetting their 3G services, which means communication devices using 3G will not work, so fleets using the legacy network will need to upgrade their devices. HCSS Telematics allows for higher bandwidth and data speeds, a more comprehensive coverage range, and improved network reliability.

“According to Transport Dive, there are still an estimated 10% to 20% of fleets operating on 3G devices that need to transition to 4G before the 3G sunset, or their business will get left behind,” said Phillip Robinson, technical product manager, HCSS. “HCSS Telematics has been using 4G LTE networks since October 2019. HCSS can get your fleet updated but also help get companies started if new to telematics equipment.”

The transition has skyrocketed the demand for 4G LTE telematics devices, but HCSS has a steady supply of devices. With HCSS Telematics, data is collected from a vehicle like GPS information, total run time, speeding, harsh braking and turning, and other diagnostics, giving fleet managers visibility into their operations. HCSS Telematics creates precise geofences to easily track and log entry and exit times. It helps to also protect drivers with vehicle health and driver performance information.

HCSS Telematics is a powerful tool itself, but the real magic happens when it integrates with other HCSS products, allowing companies to run their entire business from shop to dispatch to job and fuel management, with no data entry time. Field mechanics can pair HCSS Telematics with HCSS Equipment360 to easily view meter events that drive the preventative maintenance schedule in real-time.

Supervisors get more accurate hour reporting and a better representation of equipment utilization by pairing HCSS Telematics with HeavyJob. This gives them the ability to populate their timecards with engine runtime hours. Integrate HCSS Telematics with HCSS Dispatcher to help dispatchers make better scheduling decisions by seeing where equipment has been scheduled and where it is in the field. It allows contractors to confirm schedules and handle equipment exceptions easier.

HCSS, www.hcss.com/products/gps-tracking-devices