Epiroc Adds a Wide Range of Charging Products

Electrification solutions from Epiroc support mining customers as they transition toward using Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV). The latest addition to the portfolio is a wide range of flexible charging products for mining equipment.

Epiroc charging products encompass several different models, fixed and mobile, to ensure that BEV have the flexibility to charge at any given time or place. Epiroc chargers come with a connectivity option as there are a number of advantages to having a charger connected. 

Customers can easily monitor their charging products remotely through a cloud service. When a new software is available or if the system needs any attention, it can be updated remotely by an Epiroc service technician. 

“We want to be a total solutions provider when it comes to our customer’s electrification journey, providing everything from battery conversions and BEV to related services and infrastructure,” said Fredrik Martinsson, commercial manager Rocvolt, Epiroc.

Charging products are offered globally, supported by trained Epiroc service technicians and backed up by service agreements available at different levels. The charging products portfolio includes lifting tools for Epiroc batteries as well as the provision of expert advice on the design of charging bays. 

Besides chargers, Epiroc is already offering batteries as a service, which removes the risks associated with owning batteries. The Epiroc solution provides all the benefits of electrical power and takes the responsibility for the batteries, from certification to maintenance plus technology upgrades, using a truly circular business model that provides the battery operation as a service. 

The electrification offering from Epiroc also includes battery conversion kits, a cost-efficient way to utilize the full potential of low total cost of ownership. In this area the acquisition of FVT Research ensures an innovative way to support customers with mixed fleets in the transition into BEV.

On the infrastructure side the acquisition of Meglab will strengthen the capability for Epiroc to also provide customers with the most effective and efficient solutions required as mines become electrified.

Epiroc, www.epiroc.com

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