Tsurumi Shows Pumps Line at the World of Concrete

Tsurumi Pump exhibited its line of electric submersible pumps, engine pumps and generators at the World of Concrete tradeshow, Jan. 18-20, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. 

With the recent passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Tsurumi underscored its growing network of technical support and its ability to secure availability ahead of an expected surge in road and bridge construction and water infrastructure investments.

“A considerable increase in pump demand is on the horizon, and we would like to reiterate our commitment to timely deliveries,” said Glenn Wieczorek, Tsurumi’s managing director. “We had a strong 2021 and we’re looking forward to an even better year ahead. We are ready for it.”

Tsurumi’s booth featured the company’s comprehensive array of top-quality dewatering, trash, ground drainage and engine-driven pumps. One highlight was a cutaway display of its HS2.4S electric submersible pump that showcases its inner workings. The pump was designed to tackle water that contains sand and other debris with minimal wear and clogging, which makes it ideal for many types of construction applications.

By displaying the insides of the HS2.4S, Tsurumi gave attendees an in-depth look at the high standard and robust engineering that the company proudly employs throughout its product lines.

Tsurumi’s oil lifter, for example, is featured in all of the manufacturer’s pumps and highly improves the longevity of its silicon carbide seals. The oil lifter adds protection even in special applications when the pump is installed horizontally.

In considering a pump, Tsurumi suggests you ask these questions:

  • Is the water clean or will solids be present?
  • What is the maximum size of solids that need to be pumped?
  • Are the solids compressible or not? Stringy?
  • How low do I need to pump down to?
  • What rate of flow is required for the application (in gal. per min.)?
  • Where is the water being pumped to? 
  • What is the total distance from pump to where the water is being discharged?
  • What is total vertical height the pump is required to lift the water?
  • Is there existing piping the pump will connect to? If so, what size is it?
  • Do I need the pumps to start/stop automatically based on water level?
  • Is the proper voltage available to run the pump?
  • Do I have a circuit available that can handle the amperage that this pump will draw?

Tsurumi, www.tsurumipump.com

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