Burgex Mineralocity Aggregates Market Analysis Tool

The mining analysis team at Burgex has been hard at work over the past several years developing internal tools and systems for conducting complex market analysis studies of mineral commodities. 

One of the top priorities for the team has been creating a national geographical information system for dynamically analyzing construction aggregate supply and demand trends. What began as a linear system of registering estimated production and demand on a site-by-site basis has transformed into a robust structure of mineral market analysis that includes highly advanced capabilities previously only imagined.

Burgex will soon be launching Mineralocity Aggregates – the Burgex flagship system for analysis of local and regional construction aggregate market trends. A highly advanced, cloud based, visual analysis of regional construction aggregate trends and megaregion development.

Feature highlights of Mineralocity Aggregates include:

  • Estimated annual production mapped for all commercial U.S. producers – including crushed stone, sand and gravel. All production locations geo-referenced and analyzed (over 3,000+ locations nationwide).
  • Highly advanced nationwide population grid.
  • Annual per capita demand mapped in high resolution grids.
  • Megaregion networks.
  • Mapping of growth areas by census tract.
  • Geology units mapped and ranked by estimated annual aggregate production.
  • Population bivariate analysis of population growth and population density changes.
  • Housing permit analysis.
  • County GDP analysis.
  • State by state S&P ratings and outlooks.
  • Density of stone producers.
  • Density of sand/gravel producers.
  • Railroads, highways, and other transportation vectors.
  • Transportation based market radius generation.
  • Wetland maps.
  • Burgex market grades.
  • Restricted development areas.
  • Exclusive support.

The Mineralocity Aggregates Platform will be available on a subscription basis in the spring of 2022. The platform is designed to give a powerful competitive advantage to all who use it, including construction aggregate producers, aggregate industry suppliers, market analysts, consultants, investors and researchers. From the selection of a new greenfield construction aggregate development site to placement of a supply distribution warehouse, this tool will greatly enhance both the speed and accuracy of analytical work – providing invaluable insights for all in the construction aggregates industry.

Burgex Inc. Mining Consultants provides convenient, comprehensive mining consulting and mineral exploration services throughout the United States. Burgex is dedicated to becoming a critical component of the highest value mining projects in the world through unmatched expertise, pioneering services, fast turnaround and a world-class global network.

SEMCO Pubishing, the publisher of Rock Products magazine recently announced a partnership with Burgex. This partnership will result in an entirely reimagined version of Rock Products’ Aggregates Atlas, which along with Burgex’s new Mineralocity Aggregates Platform, will provide the aggregates industry with dynamic, forward-looking tools for decision-making.

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