Zyfra Presents Its Autonomous Drill Rig Solution

At MINExpo in Las Vegas last year, Zyfra, a Finnish-Russian group of companies specializing in AI and IIoT based solutions for mining and other heavy industries, presents the new ZR RoboDrill autonomous drill rig solution. 

The ZR RoboDrill autonomous solution can improve productivity and personnel safety as well as reduce drilling operation costs. The system is designed to autonomously operate one or more drill rigs. The execution of the drill plan is remotely controlled by an operator who can manage up to four drills at the same time, tracking the status of each machine.

This solution can autonomously change the rig position within the drilling site optimizing the route. While moving, it will scan the surrounding area for obstacles, equipment and personnel.

While drilling, the rig’s platform and mast level will be maintained within 0.3 degrees in two planes. The autonomous drill is equipped with an automatic emergency stop system, which can guarantee the safety of personnel in the work zone. The operator in the control room can take over control of the drill rig at any time, using respective monitors and all information required for manual remote operation.

Unmanned technologies can keep operators out of zones that can be hazardous because of various mining, geological and technical factors, creating a safe and comfortable working environment as well as reducing the risks to occupational health.

“Digital transformation and its current stage, automation of mining processes, are key factors for improving efficiency and safety of mining as well as competitiveness of mining companies in the increasingly complex mining, geological, technical and climatic conditions. Zyfra’s mining division has been engaged in the digital transformation of mining businesses for over three decades, and our autonomous drill rig solution is another milestone in the transition to unmanned mining operations in the world,” said Pavel Rastopshin, managing director at the Zyfra Group.

The new ZR RoboDrill solution is OEM agnostic and can be installed on most drill rigs, no matter whether new or used. It is compatible both with diesel and electric-powered drills. 

Zyfra, www.zyfra.com