Conveyor Components Company Offers Damaged/Ripped Belt Detector

The model DB from Conveyor Components Company is a cable-operated damaged belt detector that looks for punctures, tears or protrusions through the conveyor belt and provides a means of automatic shutdown to limit the amount of damage to the conveyor belt. 

The output contacts of the Model DB can control up to two separate circuits, one for machinery shutdown and one for an alarm.

The model DB provides substantial cost savings in replacement belting and downtime associated with belt splicing or replacement.

  • The housing is cast aluminum, with optional epoxy or polyester coatings available (for additional corrosion resistance).
  • The unit should be used in pairs for best protection of the conveyor belt.
  • The unit is mounted on the conveyor by drilling (4) 13/32-in. diameter holes.
  • General purpose (weatherproof) units and explosion proof units have two 1-in. NPT conduit openings.

Conveyor Components Company,

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