Tsurumi Introduces AVANT Series of Pumps

Tsurumi introduced its new AVANT series. The new series was designed to deliver the utmost performance and save costs on a wide range of wastewater applications. Its hydraulic components, for example, were designed to eliminate clogging and enable for the free passage of fibrous and stringy materials – one of the biggest issues in plants today.

The AVANT line was certified in accordance with FM Global explosion-proof specifications to ensure products conform to the highest standards of safety. These pumps feature smart design features and IE3 premium efficiency motors that deliver high performances and withstand continuous duty cycles. They have an exclusive closed-circuit cooling system, utilizing a water-glycol mixture, which prevents contamination of the system while cooling the motor. Additionally, customers can order tailor-made AVANT pumps from the factory, with specific configurations that match the unique demands of their jobs.

“We are very proud and excited to bring the new AVANT series to WEFTEC,” said Glenn Wieczorek, managing director at Tsurumi Pump. “These are pumps that will deliver efficiency and ensure energy savings on a number of projects in the wastewater industry. This product line has directly benefited from our experience in other industries, from which we have developed unique solutions and technologies that have been applied to this new line to ensure successful applications.”

Tsurumi Pump, www.tsurumipump.com

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