Rock Products, Burgex a Winning Team

Nov. 1, 2021 – The publisher of Rock Products magazine, SEMCO Publishing, has struck a partnership with Burgex Inc., the Utah-based consulting and data-analysis company. This partnership will result in an entirely reimagined version of Rock Products’ annual Aggregates Atlas, which along with Burgex’s new Mineralocity Aggregates Platform, will provide the aggregates industry with dynamic, forward-looking tools for decision-making. The mining analysis team at Burgex has been hard at work over the past several years developing internal tools and systems for conducting complex market analysis studies of mineral commodities. One of the top priorities for the team has been creating a national geographical information system for dynamically analyzing construction aggregate supply and demand trends. What began as a linear system of registering estimated production and demand on a site-by-site basis has transformed into a robust structure of mineral market analysis that includes highly advanced capabilities previously only imagined. They will partner with us here at Rock Products to bring their system to the aggregates industry, using our Aggregates Atlas as a gateway. We are very excited about this partnership and the long-term value it will bring to our readers and advertisers.

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