Mellott Evolves

Oct. 20, 2021 – In 2016, I was the guest of the Mellott Company – Paul, Brian and Herman Mellott – as well as President Rich Blake, to do a feature story on the company. I was treated like royalty in Warfordsburg, Pa., and the story came out great. I left understanding just how innovative, driven and committed to the community the company was. More recently, Mellott celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the company compiled a beautiful hard-back volume to celebrate the achievement. I received a copy in the mail along with a nice note. So it hit like a ton of #57s when word reached me that the Mellotts had sold the business, retaining a majority stake after the Mellott family invested roll-over equity back into the company. I had a great phone call with Paul Mellott today, and he talked me through the deal and how the process evolved. I can tell you that they are poised for growth, still as innovative as ever and looking forward to a bright future. Congrats to the Mellott family on securing the next chapter in the company’s history.

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