Graco Debuts Pulse Level Tank Monitoring system

Graco Inc. launched the Pulse Level Tank Monitoring system. Maintenance shops can choose from multiple tank-level monitoring technologies, including the first system running entirely on Wi-Fi. The Pulse Level system allows you to track tank levels, capture and apply data, and allocate inventory quickly, accurately and confidently.

“Tank monitoring is not a new technology, but Graco now offers the most cost-effective long-term solution on the market,” said Tyler Salminen, product marketing manager for Graco’s Lubrication Equipment Division. “With the addition of the Pulse Level system, Graco uniquely offers marketers and end users an end-to-end fluid management solution with components working seamlessly with each other.”

A tank-level monitoring (TLM) system measures the amount of fluid in a tank, giving service centers, fleet garages, aggregates and construction operations, and industrial manufacturing companies more visibility over inventory levels and dispensed fluids.

Managers and owners can use the data to simplify procurement, improve profitability and assess the overall performance of crews and technicians. Petroleum marketers can use TLM software to gain insight into their entire operation, and whether they oversee 20 tanks or 2,000 tanks, tank fluid levels are tracked and monitored at every location.

Compatible with LTE networks, available in Wi-Fi configurations and incredibly easy to use, the Pulse Level system is the latest in Graco’s lineup of fluid-management solutions. The Pulse Level system helps petroleum marketers, service centers, construction crews and in-plant users manage fluids strategically – and reduce costs significantly.