DSC to Construct Massive Dredge for Muddy Waters

Michael Kerns, president and CEO of Muddy Water Dredging LP (MWD) and Bob Wetta, president and CEO of DSC Dredge LLC,  launched a project to build a custom 24-in. dual pump Marlin Class dredge; one of the largest of its kind in the United States, to maintain U.S. navigable waterways. 

MWD was established in late 2021, with corporate headquarters located in Orange, Texas. Co-owners Michael J. Kerns and Matthew B. Devall bring more than 40 years of experience in the dredging and maritime transportation industry. According to co-owners, “MWD will engage a First Principles approach by employing the latest technological advancements to the machinery and employees allowing for a truly unique and forward-thinking organization, we are incredibly excited to join a dynamic industry that is vitally important in sustaining U.S. Navigable Waterways.”

Over the years DSC has made its name in the industry for helping clients make “the right choice” when it comes to their dredging needs and MWD is a continuation of that client partnership. This custom Marlin Class dredge will have an overall length of 371 ft. making it one of, if not the longest 24-in. dredge in the United States with the capability of dredging a 400-ft. wide cut utilizing an 80-degree swing arc thus increasing the dredge’s swing/advance efficiency by 5.9%. At a duty point of 28,236 GPM slurry volume, this new dredge will have the ability of filling an Olympic size swimming pool with dredge slurry in only 23 minutes and can completely fill an area the size of the New Orleans Superdome in only 23 days.

Notwithstanding the massiveness and strength this dredge embodies, its customization not only includes a detachable carriage barge which allows the dredge to quickly convert from a wide cut format configuration to a shorter conventional dredge configuration for work in areas with limited space but also has lay-down carriage barge spuds to facilitate transit under low clearance structures. The perfect balance of elegant design and outstanding function – this is the essence of design meets function.    

This custom dredge will be equipped with DSC’s survey-grade DSC VISION package; DSC’s Dredge Rx remote monitoring package; and DSC’s Dredge Quality Management (DQM) system for automated USACE reporting. The dredge will also be fitted with three 12- x12-ft. offices, a 15- x 19-ft.  meeting/break room, restroom facilities, and a 20- x 27-ft. lever room.

“I am extremely grateful to everyone involved for all the hard work over the last few months to make this a reality” stated Devall. 

Kerns stated, “I am extremely proud to re-enter the U.S. dredging industry as co-owner and president of Muddy Water Dredging L.P. and fortunate to have an opportunity to incorporate my many years of dredging experience into the design of our new 24-in. cutter-suction dredge.”

“DSC is extremely excited to partner with Muddy Water Dredging on this new 24-in. dredge build. The specifications and overall design of the dredge will lend itself to the future of efficient dredge designs while still providing a beast of a dredge. Muddy Water Dredging has taken steps to bring a new dredge to the industry that will be designed for high production capacity, the latest in dredging technology and an efficient and practical design. It doesn’t get much better than partnering with clients that share the same vision and that’s exactly what we have with Muddy Water Dredging. This is going to be fun,” stated Wetta.

This custom 24-in. diesel-electric design, with a total installed horsepower of 9,621 and delivering 6,830 kW of electrical power, is expected to be completed October 2023.   

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