B2W Software Streamlines Equipment Inspection, Repair Process

B2W Software introduced new capabilities within its ONE Platform that enable contractors to identify equipment defects and make repairs faster and more cost effectively.

The ONE Platform can now generate repair requests automatically based on data from electronic forms used for completing equipment inspections. The enhanced process relays detailed information from equipment inspections to the maintenance team immediately. By eliminating lag time and manual steps for transferring this data, contractors can identify and complete equipment repair work more efficiently to minimize maintenance costs while improving equipment uptime and safety.

Zutphen Contractors and GW-EX Inc. are among the initial companies benefiting from this new workflow utilizing the B2W Inform application for forms and reporting, B2W Maintain for equipment maintenance management, and the API connection for automating the creation and logging of repair requests.

“The new system is very effective for getting information from inspections back to the shop and into the maintenance software right away,” explained Danielle Ehler, of Nova Scotia-based Zutphen Contractors, which processes up to 40 repair requests monthly. “When we relied on paper forms and phone calls, it was easy for things to get missed in the handoff, or for minor equipment issues to be overlooked,” Ehler added.

Jon Ewart, owner of GW-EX, said the Ontario excavating company faced similar challenges when repair requests were generated based on phone calls, text messages or paper forms submitted to the shop supervisor. Drivers or operators frequently claimed to have reported defects, while mechanics claimed they did not receive the information.

“Now, there is a record and history of the request being submitted and also investigated by our mechanics,” said Ewart. “We have also been able to prioritize work more effectively, so issues impacting safety and production take priority over less significant, cosmetic requests.” GW-EX generates more than 100 requests monthly for emergency and preventive maintenance.

B2W Inform enables contractors to customize and manage electronic forms for any requirement. Form fields can be mapped to the format of equipment repair requests, which are managed in B2W Maintain. This connection allows inspection forms to trigger repair requests automatically in the maintenance software and for information from forms – including descriptions and photos – to flow directly to the requests.

B2W Maintain and B2W Inform utilize a single database for equipment lists, jobs, employees and other operational data. Linking inspection form fields to this database allows drop-down menus to be populated with valid, up-to-date options, minimizing errors and the effort required to fill out forms.

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