Justin Renfro named CEO of JW Sands

JW Sands LLC, one of the early pioneers in mining frac sand in the Eagleford, announced that Justin Renfro will lead the company as CEO effective immediately. JWS’ high-capacity dry plant and commitment to multiple wet plants comprise a unique offering of proppant capabilities for the South Texas basin.

With multiple truck lanes and staging opportunities for the pneumatic and containerized vessels, JWS has served and will continue to offer unique long term and high market demand capabilities to the oil and gas operators in the Eagleford basin.

“Justin worked with Mateo Hernandez, JWS president and general manager, and me during his eight years at Superior Silica. We’re excited to reconnect with his experience and knowledge of the oil and gas industry, and with him joining the team we now collectively have more than 100 years of combined mining and energy experience in our small three-man management group. I expect we will achieve great things with Renfro and Hernandez in the day-to-day JWS operations,” said Jim Walker, founder and managing partner of JWS.

Renfro is responsible for the JWS business, leading sales and marketing efforts and executing the strategy for the next growth phase of the company. He is a veteran of the industry with over two decades experience and has served as key management for both industry leading sand mines and oil and gas logistics companies. His knowledge of mine-to-well head demands for oil and gas operators has helped him lead successful teams in the past and will continue to do so at JWS.

“There is tremendous upside potential for the innovation, services and products that JWS offers the oil and gas industry. I’m excited to be working with such a talented team that will help us take advantage of all the opportunities present in the marketplace,” said Renfro.

Prior to joining JWS, Renfro spent four years in management at Omnitrax Energy Solutions, a Denver-based company, where he was hired as senior vice president of business development and quickly transition to president of OES. In his eight years prior to the time at OES he was a founding management member and vice president of sales and logistics for Fort Worth-based Emerge Energy Services and its affiliate company Superior Silica Sands as vice president of sales.