AED Foundation Awards Scholarships

The AED Foundation awarded scholarships to 39 students representing 13 schools across North America, totaling nearly $80,000 in financial aid.

The students are the first to receive scholarships from the foundation, which have been funded by a $300,000 donation from the Caterpillar Foundation. The AED Foundation will use this grant to award students across North America with $2,000 scholarships to attend an AED Foundation accredited college program.

These scholarships will aid students in receiving a premium education that will ensure they are better prepared for a high tech, high demand, high rewarding, and high potential career path in the heavy equipment industry. College programs accredited by the AED Foundation stand apart from other college programs, noted the foundation, as its the only accrediting body in North America that offers an industry-based accreditation for heavy equipment technology.

Scholarship opportunities are still available for students who are interested in attending an accredited college program, and information can be found here.

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