JAX Introduces New Bio-Guard Products

JAX Inc. introduced its new Bio-Guard line of technologically advanced lubricants designed to maximize operational efficiencies with environmentally acceptable formulations.

The complete line of Bio-Guard products meets the technical definitions and requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for biodegradability, toxicity and bioaccumulation. 

“Meeting these requirements was very important for us because it meant we could offer our customers a line of true environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) solutions. This is in contrast to some of the environmentally-friendly products being marketed that don’t meet this definition,” said Jim Cross, marketing director at JAX.

Cross continued, “Environmental compliance can be complicated and rapidly changing. Industries such as commercial marine, forestry, agriculture, hydroelectric power, construction and mining are all responding to pressures from government regulators, customer preferences, and their own values. Their response allows their operations to maintain peak efficiency while reducing their impact on the environment.”

To meet its customer needs, JAX’s chemists and product development team focused efforts on four key applications – wire rope, gearboxes, bearings and hydraulic systems. “These applications provided the greatest opportunity to benefit from EAL lubricants by meeting the environmental and operational goals of our customers,” added Cross. “A common theme for these applications includes harsh environments and an unquestioned need for reliability.” 

The Bio-Guard line of wire rope lubes, gear oils, greases and hydraulic fluids has been designed with the specific challenges of each application firmly in mind. The products include:

  • JAX Bio-Guard Wire Rope Lube 00 – Designed to offer excellent rust and corrosion protection for steel wire rope and cables.
  • JAX Bio-Guard Gear Oils – ISO 150 to 680, designed for gearboxes used in outdoor environments.
  • JAX Bio-Guard Hydraulic Fluids – ISO 32, 46, and 68, synthetic, readily biodegradable lubricants designed to maximize hydraulic performance.
  • JAX Bio-Guard Grease – NLGI 2 grease, designed for areas where water resistance and load carrying properties are primary concerns.

Customers can find the new Bio-Guard line at a hand-selected network of U.S. and global distributors who are ready to assist commercial operators in selecting the lubrication products and programs that best suit their operation. JAX Inc., [email protected]

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