Polydeck Line of Protective Items to Debut at MINExpo 2021

Polydeck Screen Corp. announced a new product category of protective items called PROTEX, debuting at MINExpo 2021 in Las Vegas. 

PROTEX was developed to advance Polydeck’s mission of solving the customers biggest challenges by offering a line of complementary products that improve equipment life and increase production efficiencies. 

The PROTEX line includes Liners, Frame Protectors, Side Wear Plates, and other in-demand items such as Ceramic and Magnetic Liners. True to the Polydeck reputation of customizable and easy-to-install products, PROTEX meets the unique needs of operations the company serves and is a natural extension of the brand. 

“We are thrilled to expand our offering into protective products for our customers, who trust us with their modular screen media needs and seek out our products and the expertise of our people to help them solve the challenges they face in their operations,” stated Polydeck Vice President of Sales and Marketing Joe Teague.

Items in the PROTEX line are designed to extend the wear life of processing equipment and increase the safety and reliability of operations. 

“We are well known for our ability to assess our customers’ operations and recommend customized solutions to help them achieve their productivity goals. Now, with our line of PROTEX products, we can help them increase the reliability of their operations as well by extending the life of their equipment and reducing unplanned maintenance time,” added Frank Harris, director of sales, mining.

The PROTEX category includes the following product lines: 

  • PROTEX C – Fully enclosed seamless coating and rubber lining for frames/steel structures.
  • PROTEX L – Chute liners including polyurethane, rubber, magnetic polyurethane and ceramic.
  • PROTEX SL – Side wear plates including polyurethane, rubber and UHMW.
  • PROTEX P – Protop stringer protectors, angle protectors, cross member protectors, polyrail channel protectors.

Polydeck Screen Corp., https://polydeck.com

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