Cortec Releases Bio-based Rust Remover Powered by EcoAir Technology

Conventional rust removers unfortunately can be very dangerous to use, handle and store. For this reason Cortec has spent decades developing environmentally responsible corrosion-protection solutions.

Utilizing renewable technology, Cortec scientists created EcoAir 422 Rust Remover, which contains 92% USDA-certified bio-based content. The product is also biodegradable. Packaged in an air-powered spray can, it removes rust and stains without polluting and is non-flammable. EcoAir 422 will remove corrosion from metal without creating waste disposal difficulties and is far more operator friendly than traditional rust removers.

It will not adversely affect paints, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics or rubber. Removal of corrosion from metal is very easy: just apply the product and rinse with an alkaline solution such as EcoAir 414.

EcoAir 422 has a high bio-based content and does not require special disposal for typical use. It is especially helpful for outdoor and marine applications where chemical waste disposal can be a problem.

Rust Remover can be used in labor-intensive areas such as continuous assembly and packaging lines, minimizing effects on production efficiency. VpCI-422 G is also available as a modification of VpCI-422 and is recommended for galvanized steel.

EcoAir 422 Rust Remover is packaged in EcoAir air-powered spray cans, which represent a major step forward in spray can technology. The EcoAir spray can is powered by compressed air that completely replaces traditional chemical propellants.

This technology is innovative because a four-layer EcoPouch is inserted into a recyclable aluminum can before the can is pressurized. The EcoPouch is filled with the liquid product. As the valve is depressed, the surrounding pressure expels the bag’s internal fluids until the product is used up. EcoAir packaging is safer to use, ship and store than traditional aerosols with chemical propellants.

EcoAir 422 can be used in a wide variety of applications such as:

  • In-process rust removal for parts and metal stock.
  • Interior and exterior surfaces of tanks and vessels.
  • Outdoor machinery and equipment.
  • Vehicles, automotive, aircraft and marine equipment.
  • Fences, railings and walls.
  • Tools, locks and rust-frozen parts.

Several products in the EcoAir range are derived from sustainable resources. For example, the formulation for EcoAir 422 contains raw material that can be derived from orange peel.