CASE Launches Loader Enhancements

April 21, 2021 – At a virtual press event and product launch, CASE Construction Equipment introduced comprehensive enhancements to its entire line of G Series wheel loaders to improve performance and productivity, increase uptime, and empower the operator with greater control and understanding of the machine and its work.

“Wheel loaders – especially those in production and heavy working environments – achieve significant improvements in performance and profitability when you shorten cycle times, simplify operation and increase uptime,” said Andrew Dargatz, product manager, CASE. “Each of the enhancements introduced in the new CASE G Series loaders drive those incremental improvements that lead to big gains in productivity and efficiency.” 

New enhancements to the CASE G Series wheel loader lineup include: 

  • An all-new touchscreen display that delivers the intuitive user experience and puts all core operational controls at the operator’s fingertips.
  • New configurable buttons built into the armrest allow the operator to program certain settings/tasks and perform their work faster/more efficiently throughout the day.
  • New adjustable electro-hydraulic controls that further dial in machine performance to each task.
  • A new Smart Power Mode that improves communication between the engine and transmission based on workload to further drive fuel efficiency and reduced tire wear.
  • New electro-hydraulic parallel lift functionality (Z-bar and XR models) that improves material retention and loading operations.
  • A fully integrated OEM payload system that helps improve load accuracy and provides detailed reporting for billing, tracking and operational performance.
  • Enhanced telematics performance and reporting, and remote diagnostics for increased uptime.
  • Integration and connectivity with the CASE North American Uptime Center.
  • A new Tire Pressure Monitoring System that optimizes tire life and fuel consumption.

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