Resolution Supports Navigable Waters Protection Rule

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-Iowa) introduced a resolution along with 114 cosponsors that reinforces support for the Navigable Waters Protection Rule (NWPR). 

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) said it supports the NWPR and its positive impact on the construction supply chain. A Senate companion was introduced earlier this year by Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) which NSSGA also supports.

“NSSGA welcomes Rep. Miller-Meeks’ resolution supporting the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) implementation of the NWPR,” said NSSGA Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs Michele Stanley. “Aggregate producers have always held themselves to the highest standards regarding environmental sustainability and stewardship. The NWPR ensures this mission can be achieved while ensuring industry stakeholders like ours can continue to grow and provide the critical raw materials our nation’s infrastructure network depends on while protecting our waters.

“Aggregates are crucial for infrastructure projects, and the clarity of the NWPR delivers significant environmental protection through uniform enforcement, while allowing operators to understand which waters are federally regulated,” Stanley said. “Given the attention infrastructure is receiving this Congress as a comprehensive package develops, NSSGA urges the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to continue to support this substantial rule under the Biden administration, and Rep. Miller-Meeks’ resolution reinforces this support.”

Kristen Swearingen, vice president of legislative and political affairs for Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), said: “We applaud Representative Miller-Meeks’ resolution supporting the April 21, 2020, Navigable Waters Protection Rule. ABC believes that as Congress and the Biden administration continue to consider proposals to aid the nation’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, they should keep NWPR intact, as it will prevent future infrastructure projects from unnecessary delays. ABC supported the NWPR that draws clear and predictable lines, resolving confusion and ambiguities regarding federal jurisdiction by clarifying which level of government – federal or state – would oversee project permits so that the U.S. workforce can get back on the job quickly and safely. This commonsense rule is a step in the right direction to modernize American infrastructure while maintaining a healthy environment.”

“The business community needs the certainty and flexibility offered by the Navigable Waters Protection Rule,” said Marty Durbin, senior vice president for policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The U.S. Chamber applauds Rep. Miller-Meeks and the Congressional Western Caucus for introducing this resolution, which supports the water quality and development benefits that the rule provides.”

“The American Exploration & Mining Association supports maintaining the Navigable Waters Protection Rule because it is grounded in science, acknowledges states’ role in regulating and protecting the waters and natural resources within their boundaries, and provides the regulatory clarity that has been severely lacking regarding Clean Water Act jurisdiction,” said Mark Compton, executive director, American Exploration & Mining Association. “We commend Rep. Miller-Meeks for her leadership on this important issue.”

“Our nation’s home builders construct neighborhoods, create jobs, strengthen economic growth, and help create thriving communities while maintaining, protecting and enhancing our natural resources,” said James W. Tobin III, executive vice president, National Association of Home Builders. “Under the Clean Water Act, home builders must obtain and comply with section 402 storm water and 404 wetland permits to complete their projects. What is most important to these compliance efforts is a permitting process that is consistent, predictable, timely and focused on protecting true aquatic resources… The NWPR strikes a necessary balance between the environmental protection and regulatory certainty and will give the public long overdue clarity.”

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